No guarantee after warranty

Are electronic gadgets programmed to self-destruct after the guarantee period? Just one year old and one of the color channels (I suspect) is gone out of my Samsung LCD. And Samsung is touted to be the leader in LCD screens.

Sony was not far behind: just last month the touch-screen in my Sony Ericsson P1i stopped working. Any amount of touching, tapping, poking and kneading wouldn’t help. So off I went to the service center where a smiling sales girl told me that the screen needed replacing. She went on to add that (you guessed it) the warranty period was over and I had o shell out more than $200 to get it repaired.

I have had many experiences like this one where my electronic appliances start acting strange immediately after their warranty periods are over. Have you had similar experiences?


2012: The world is coming to an end. What the heck?

That the earth core melted from the heat of the sun was utterly believable with a tense story line and engaging action. The unbelievable part hit me later when science gave way to a soap opera finish.

The only consolation was the graphics, which were great. The story line made me sick as time and again they said goodbye to logic, hollywood style. The final verdict: one more ‘the earth is coming to an end’ story.


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